Add Mesmerizing Sparkle & Shine To Any Dish

Made with only the finest ingredients, our salt can be added to both sweet and savory dishes.

Our unique sea salt is made with 100% edible, FDA-approved, food-grade glitter and will be certain to dazzle even the most discerning guest.

  • Beautiful sparkle!

    So far, I've added sallt that glitters to a Greek vinaigrette and to my deviled eggs. The salt enhanced the flavors and the glitter gave it an beautiful sparkle - making them extra special for our dinner guests. We received many compliments on how gorgeous the dishes turned out. Can't wait to incorporate it into so much more!

    -Katherine L,

    Brandon, Florida

  • A Facelift for Your Food

    Not only does it give any dish an incredible facelift, but it also allows us to see just how much salt we are using when adding it in our meals.
    Such an amazing idea and we will definitely be repeat customers!

    -Maggie O,

    Ocoee, Florida

  • Sunday morning glam

    For a sweet dish it's always nice to add a pinch of salt to really bring out the flavor. For my french toast this morning I finished the dish with Donna Glitter Salt from sALLt THAT GLITTERS. It gave it that little punch of flavor and put a little glam in my Sunday morning breakfast.

    Brittany A,

    Macon, Ga

  • Presentation = Everything

    For bourbon tastings, I like to find new ways to pair bourbons with foods. I experimented with the Barbara salt on a pecan pie and the presentation became a bigger talking point than flavor profiles. Definitely a hit!

    With the holidays coming, I’m eager to add Donna and Tanya to the mix.

    Travis R,

    Saint Petersburg, FL

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